Ultimate DFS Army Reviews – Is It the Best?

DFS Optimizer: DFS Army Reviews

In this article, I’ll provide our DFS Army reviews. You’ll see DFS Army advertised on several outlets, includes Sirius XM. On one side, this should give DFS Army some credibility. Then on the flip side, you’ll see Reddit articles like this calling DFS Army a scam. So what’s going on here? Is paid advertising overshadowing feedback from members? DFS Army also has an affiliate program, which incentives user to promote DFS Army. As a result, you’ll see all these positive reviews on the first page of Google. The part that you’re not told is how there’s incentives all around to be positive. If you notice, there’s no such incentive on Reddit. The result is a title of a DFS Army scam.

Fantasy Lineups Optimizer

Is it a case where a small percentage of DFS Army users are actually making money with DFS, leaving the rest truly angry? Below we’ll dive deeper into our DFS Army reviews, which includes: MLB DFS Army, NBA DFS Army, NHL DFS Army, NFL DFS Army.

DFS Army Reviews – Background

DFS Army Reviews

DFS Army prides itself by having two main elements – DFS optimizer & Chat. The chat feature believe it or not can be quite comical. I mean, some guys spend hours upon hours a day on the chat. Power to you if you have the time to waste in this capacity – I guess it beats Facebook nowadays anyways! From the dfs optimizer side, it does a pretty good job of giving you multiple data points. The issue however, at least for our DFS Army review, it can be quite overwhelming to use for the non-advanced dfs player.

  • DFS Strategy – DFS Army tries to educate you surrounding all the types of strategies out there for DFS. For the advanced player, this can be amazing. For the new to intermediate level player, the amount of information can be incredibly overwhelming. DFS Army calls this the research station.
  • DFS Army Chat – DFS Army has a Discord channel. This allows you to engage in their chat feature. There’s a ton of gibberish and garbage written by its members, but you do find some nuggets of information. If you’re able to spend the several hours a day to sift through the information, it can be quite informative (just have to weed out the junk along the way).

Which DFS Sports Does DFS Army Cover?

DFS Army covers a wide range of fantasy sports with their software offering. The SaberSim optimizer covers NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, PGA, NASCAR, MMA, eSports, Soccer & Tennis. Whether you’re interested in one or multiple fantasy sports, DFS Army has you covered.

As a result, that’s a pretty significant win with our DFS Army reviews. On the flip side, it’s important you determine which sports are for you. For instance, if you just play NFL DFS, that extra fee for all the other sports makes it quite pricy.

Does DFS Army Work with Fanduel & Draftkings?

Yes. DFS Army MLB optimizer, DFS Army NHL optimizer, DFS Army NBA optimizer & DFS Army NFL optimizer.

How Much Does DFS Army Cost?

DFS Army Reviews – Pricing

DFS Army is quite popular in the DFS community. After all, when you have an advertising budget like they have, how can you not. You’ll see or hear DFS Army advertised on XM Radio and some tv commercials as well. Thing is, DFS is not cheap. DFS Army is one of the highest price fantasy optimizers in the marketplace. DFS Army charges $70/mo to use their software.

Ultimately, using the right fantasy optimizer comes down to how your play DFS and how easy the software is to use. Trying it out for yourself is truly the best way to know. Good luck!

Ultimate RotoGrinders Reviews – Ignite Your DFS Lineup

Rotogrinders Reviews – DFS Optimizer

Our Rotogrinders reviews will go over multiple features of their DFS optimizer. This Rotogrinders dfs review will also compare it to other fantasy optimizers in the dfs optimizer market. Rotogrinders is the largest DFS player in the space, with advertisements in multiple fantasy channels. Rotogrinders offers an insane amount of content a well. We will dive into the cons of having some much content. Interesting note, the Rotogrinders dfs optimizer was built years ago. In our Rotogrinders reviews below, we will discuss their NBA Rotogrinders optimizer, NHL Rotogrinders optimizer, NFL Rotograinders optimizer & MLB Rotogrinders optimizer.

Rotogrinders Optimizer Features

I mentioned earlier that Rotogrinders has an insane amount of content. Some players, particularly the ultra advanced ones, love seeing hours upon hours of content. Thing is, it’s overkill for the majority of players on Draftkings & Fanduel. Unless you’re spending several hours every single day, the amount of noise in the content is insane. With the noise comes a huge distraction in creating the dfs lineups. It effects your strategy & subsequent execution of your dfs approach. This Rotogrinders review will go deeper into some of their features.

Rotogrinders DFS Reviews – Picks

Rotogrinders shows these as premium filters. This is essentially an add-on that allows you to turn on picks from Rotogrinders. So instead of having say 500 players to choose from , Rotogrinders filters brings the pool of players down to say 20-50 or so.

Rotogrinders Reviews - Picks
Rotogrinders Reviews – Picks

Picks, or Premium Filters from Rotogrinders, is one of our favorite features. We are huge fan of fantasy optimizers that save us tons of time while still giving us the upside. There are still tons of Rotogrinders features that will be advanced from some dfs players, but this one right here is a great one.

Does Rotogrinders Cover the 4 Major Sports?

Yes and a ton more. Their 4 key dfs optimizers are: Rotogrinders MLB optimizer, Rotogrinders NFL optimizer, Rotogrinders NBA optimizer and Rotogrinders NHL optimizer. At the time of this article, Rotogrinders covers 12 sports for Draftkings and 14 sports for Fanduel.

Rotogrinders Reviews – Is It Worth the Steep Price?

Rotogrinders is at the higher end of the spectrum when it comes to their fantasy optimizer pricing. You essentially have two options. You can pay for one sport at $39.99; however, you don’t get access to the full features of Rotogrinders. For instance, the premium expert filters (our favorite feature of Rotogrinders) isn’t available at this point!

At this point, this is where Rotogrinders gets you on price. You have to pay $99.99 /month to get access to this feature! You also get access to all sports at the $99.99 /mo price point. So to truly get the features you’re really after with Rotogrinders, you’ll have to pay the $99/mo fee. Again, definitely at the high end of the spectrum.

Rotogrinders DFS Reviews - Pricing
Rotogrinders DFS Reviews – Pricing

During our Rotogrinders reviews, we noticed that Rotogrinders offers a 5 day pass. A 5 day pass is $29.99 for the full premium package, or $19.99 for the non premium. Honestly at that rate, you might as well pay for the full month. You’ll need to get use to the Rotogrinders dfs optimizer, to see if it’s a fit.

Who Owns RotoGrinders?

Some players like using software and tools by smaller companies. Ones that are focused on just creating killer fantasy tools. The other end of the spectrum is Rotogrinders. Rotogrinders is part of a larger corporation called Better Collective. Better Collective is a public company with multiple gaming and gambling brands such as BettingExpert.com, VegasInsider.com and a slew of popular gaming properties in Europe. It’s always important to know who’s behind some of these organization as it can dictate the price (after all, public companies are about profit) & the monetization of your data.

Ultimate Fantasy Cruncher Reviews – Is It the Best?

DFS Optimizer – Fantasy Cruncher Reviews

In this article, I’ll provide our Fantasy Cruncher reviews. This DFS optimizer started in 2014 and has several different components to the optimizer. While they offer different price points, the majority of these features are well suited for the advanced dfs player. In our Fantasy Cruncher reviews below, we will do a deep dive into the MLB Fantasy Cruncher optimizer, NBA Fantasy Cruncher optimizer, NHL Fantasy Cruncher optimizer & NFL Fantasy Cruncher optimizer.

Fantasy Cruncher Reviews – Features

Fantasy Cruncher Reviews

Fantasy Cruncher Optimizer

The Fantasy Cruncher optimizer allows you to essentially create a multitude of lineups. The largest issue with the optimizer from Fantasy Cruncher is time. Since the Fantasy Cruncher optimizer was built years ago, a user has to go and spend hours adjusting the optimizer to their needs. It’s a ton of time & honestly, some guys love that. For those of you that don’t have that type of time every single day, it can easily get you frustrated

Fantasy Cruncher Reviews – Chatroom

Chatrooms are a funny thing. Some like to banter, some like confirmation of their picks, while others just like to see a good argument! For those looking for just an optimizer, the chat feature isn’t necessary. If you are though looking for some entertainment along with your fantasy lineup build, well that’s a whole other story!

Fantasy Cruncher Lineup Rewind

For those of you interested in history, you can look up historical projections & actual scores. Essentially, it lets you see what a player was projector to score verses what he actually scored. Sure you might find some patterns, but will it move the needle in winning you more money? The answer to that is quite subjective. Personally, for the amount of time you have to put in verses the return, it’s just not there.

Fantasy Cruncher Pro

If you love getting bombarded with data and enjoy getting data elements that can get you dizzy, then this might be up your alley. If you’re trying to simplify your life and still make money on dfs, this will literally have you banging your head against the wall.

Fantasy Cruncher Reviews – Pricing

Fantasy Cruncher Optimizer Pricing

Fantasy Cruncher has multiple price points, depending on what features you consider import. Will dive deeper into our Fantasy Cruncher reviews of their 3 price points.

Fantasy Crunch Lite – $29.99/mo

At $29.99 /mo, you’ll have access to:

  • Chat Room – If you love banter & need some entertainment when creating lineups.
  • Fantasy Cruncher Optimizer – Caps you at 20 lineups
  • Access to Lineup Rewind – if you have interest in seeing what a player was projected to score verses what he actually scored

Fantasy Cruncher Premium – $74.99/mo

At $74.99/mo, this is not cheap! If you came in looking for a fantasy optimizer & came out paying $75/mo, you need to ask yourself are all these features relevant for you to make money with dfs. At this price point, you have access to everything in Fantasy Crunch except you get to build more lineups. Seems like an incredibly high price, but it all comes down to the value of the features for you

Fantasy Cruncher Pro – $149.99/mo

That’s not a typo. $149.99 a month for an optimizer with some extras. Now, a small percentages of uses might find those features valuable. Those that are willing to spend hours upon hours every single day, 365 days a year. This puts you at almost $2,000 a year! You came in looking for a fantasy optimizer & to upping you dfs results, to this. The additional features are projected ownership figures & additional software enhancements.

Does Fantasy Cruncher Pro Cover the 4 Main Sports?


Does Fantasy Cruncher Work with Fanduel & Draftkings?

Yes, the Fantasy Cruncher optimizer works with Fanduel & Draftkings. There’s a Fantasy Cruncher MLB optimizer, Fantasy Cruncher NHL optimizer, Fantasy Cruncher NBA optimizer & Fantasy Cruncher NFL optimizer.

Fantasy Cruncher Cheat Sheet Reviews

One neat area of Fantasy Cruncher, that is 100% free, is their cheat sheet. By utilizing Fantasy Cruncher’s cheat sheet, it kinds gives you a short list of players that you might want to include into your DFS fantasy lineups. The downside here is it’s not updated right before game time. Being able to check in on upside potential, or players to avoid due to last minute changes, is huge in having an edge with your DFS lineup. At the end of the day, finding the right software that mirrors the way you play and the ease of use, is very subjective. Sometimes the best advice is to try it out for yourself and see. Best of luck!

Ultimate Draft Dashboard Reviews – Is It the Best?

DFS Optimizer – Draft Dashboard Reviews

In this article, I’ll provide our Draft Dashboard reviews. This DFS optimizer has been around since 2015. In the world of a DFS optimizer, that is historic! As you can imagine, we’ve seen our shares of all types of fantasy optimizers. As the years have passed in DFS, the needs of DFS players have evolved as well. With that being said, some fantasy optimizers have adapted to the times, while others have not. Below, we will go into deeper details of our Draft Dashboard reviews including: MLB Draft Dashboard optimizer, NHL Draft Dashboard optimizer, NFL Draft Dashboard optimizer, & NBA Draft Dashboard optimizer.

Draft Dashboard Background

Draft Dashboard reviews
Draft Dashboard Reviews

Draft Dashboard has been around since late 2015. At the time, when this dfs optimizer was built, it was certainly on the ball. They tried to make it easy on newbies by color coding players and creating their own unique ranking, allowing certain players to stick out more than others. Unlike other fantasy optimizers out there, one of our favorite parts in this Draft Dashboard review is this: Draft Dashboard gives all users a free 30 day trial.

That’s actually pretty amazing. At the time of this writing, some brands like Rotogrinders give out no free trial, SaberSim gives out a 3 day trial. The fact that Draft Dashboard has been giving out a free 30 day trial is a huge plus (actually I see that it’s actually $1 for the first 30 days, still pretty darn good).

Which Sports Does Draft Dashboard Cover?

Our Draft Dashboard review finds that this DFS optimizer focuses on 4 sports: MLB, NFL, NHL, NBA

Does Draft Dashboard Work with Fanduel & Draftkings?

Yes, the Draft Dashboard optimizer works with Fanduel & Draftkings. There’s a Draft Dashboard MLB optimizer, Draft Dashboard NHL optimizer, Draft Dashboard NBA optimizer & Draft Dashboard NFL optimizer.

Is Draft Dashboard Pretty Easy to Use?

This is where the Draft Dashboard review turns dicey. As we mentioned earlier, Draft Dashboard started in 2015. It doesn’t seem there was much done to the user interface to match the needs of DFS users present day.

Draft Dashboard optimizer reviews
Draft Dashboard Optimizer

Above is a screen shot of the Draft Dashboard optimizer. I count a total of 32 menu items! 12 menu items on the left, 14 blue buttons in the top/middle of the screen, another 5 in the top right, then a menu on the top right. As a newbie, that’s incredibly hard to navigate. On the plus though, you do have 30 free days to figure it all out! When it comes to Draft Dashboard reviews, you’ll want to make sure you do your research. The 30 day free trial is a huge bonus, just try not to lose too much money during the learning curve!

How Much Does Draft Dashboard Cost?

What we found in our Draft Dashboard review is the simplistic price points. After your free 30 day trial, the Draft Dashboard cost is $39.99 / month. The price is on the fair side, but it comes down to how comfortable you are using the software. You’ll need to watch several videos and email customer support a bunch of times to get a hang of it. The Draft Dashboard optimizer isn’t all on one screen, so you’ll have to do a ton of navigation. On the plus side, support is pretty quick to getting back to you.

Be Wary Of All the Positive Draft Dashboard Reviews

When it comes to fantasy optimizer review sites, many of them get paid to provide positive reviews. In return, if any of those reviews lead to sales, those site owners get paid by the optimizer organization. For instance, Draft Dashboard has what’s called an affiliate program. So imagine if you ranked on the first page of google for Draft Dashboard reviews. Now that reader decides from the glowing review to try Draft Dashboard. That owner, will get paid by Draft Dashboard. So really, how reliable is that Draft Dashboard review? Here are FantasyOptimizers.com, we are not paid by Draft Dashboard, allowing us to provide a neutral review.

The Ultimate Fantasy Labs Reviews

DFS Optimizer: Fantasy Labs Reviews

In this article, we will provide our Fantasy Labs reviews. Fantasy Labs is part of the Action Network. The Action Network makes tools specifically for betting. Fantasy Labs, focuses on dfs software. Fantasy Labs started in 2015 which then became part of the Action Network in 2017. In this Fantasy Labs reviews, we will dive into optimizers for: NBA Fantasy Labs, NHL Fantasy Labs, MLB Fantasy Labs & NFL Fantasy Labs.

Fantasy Labs Reviews – Features

Fantasy Labs Reviews

Fantasy Labs takes a different approach with their fantasy optimizer. Fantasy Labs lets you control all the variables. Now on the surface, this is pretty powerful function. The problem is, that’s generally functionality that a hardcore DFS player needs. A newer DFS player, even an average DFS player, functionality like that involves a TON OF TIME. If you’re spending hours every day on DFS, then this is great. But if you’re not, Fantasy Labs can be overwhelming. You can upload your own projections, pair it with a model.

Fantasy Labs functionality is pretty neat for some, but it’s really for the advanced user.

How Much is Fantasy Labs?

Fantasy Labs Pricing
Fantasy Labs Pricing

Fantasy Labs has a couple different price points. I’ll focus on their monthly pricing:

  1. $40/month – This seems to be the average across many solid dfs optimizers. The issue here, Fantasy Labs is charging you $40/month for just one sport. In that respect, it’s certainly on the pricier side
  2. $60/month – This is really the package you’re after. This covers all major sports, and even includes golf, MMA, Nascar & eSports. If you are just playing the 4 main sports, it’s slightly higher than other optimizers. If you play all 8 sports they cover, it’s a pretty good deal

Is Fantasy Labs Easy to Use?

Fantasy Labs Optimizer
Fantasy Labs Optimizer

I will say that Fantasy Labs has managed to put a ton of columns in one view. Depending on the type of person you are, it can be information overload or the exact thing you’re looking for. It comes down to the type of dfs player you are. If you’re on the advanced side, and love digging into numbers yourself, then Fantasy Labs is worth a shot. If you’re more on the newer to average side, this could be overkill for you.

To recap:

Advanced User – You will love it
New / Average User – The columns & sliders will drive you nuts.

Does Fantasy Labs Cover the 4 Major DFS Sports?

Yes to: Fantasy Labs MLB optimizer Fantasy Labs NFL optimizer, Fantasy Labs NHL optimizer Fantasy Labs & NBA optimizer. There are some extras too: Fantasy Labs golf optimizer, Fantasy Labs MMA optimizer, Fantasy Labs NASCAR optimizer & Fantasy Labs eSports optimizer.

Does Daily Fantasy Labs Work for DraftKings & Fanduel?


Ultimate SaberSim Reviews – 100% Everything You Need to Know

DFS Optimizer: SaberSim Reviews

Fantasy Lineups Optimizer

In this article, I’ll provide our SaberSim reviews. This DFS optimizer is on the newer side and stresses their tagline: “If you can’t spend all day on DFS, you need SaberSim.” We’ve seen fantasy lineup optimizers come and go over the past few years. As the needs of fantasy players continue to evolve, so have the fantasy software tools. Below we’ll dive deeper into our Saber Sim reviews, which includes: MLB SaberSim, NBA SaberSim, NHL SaberSim, NFL SaberSim.

SaberSim Background

SaberSim reviews

SaberSim uses a simulation model to power its projections, ultimately feeding it’s SaberSim optimizer. For anyone that uses a fantasy optimizer, there are essentially 3 key components various player look for:

  • DFS Projections – Regardless what anyone says, these figures are opinions powered by X. I could project that Bitcoin is hitting $250,000, only time will tell if I’m right or wrong. The same goes for projections.
  • DFS Optimizer Functionality – All DFS optimizers have a degree or usability (easy to use vs hard to use), functionality, and ability to deliver Y fantasy lineups
  • Solid DFS Picks – This at times is controversial to some players. Our Sabersim reviews finds zero DFS picks. Instead, SaberSim provides the software tools for you to determine your own DFS picks. When an optimizer provides dfs picks, they would have done some of the legwork for you. Essentially, showing you undervalued players with the largest upside. Allowing you create multiple fantasy lineups for your purposes.

Which DFS Sports Does SaberSim Cover?

SaberSim DFS optimizer

SaberSim covers a wide range of DFS. The SaberSim optimizer covers NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, Golf, NASCAR, MMA, eSports, and KBO. By having a wide coverage of sports, Sabersim caters to a very wide net of fantasy players.

As a result, that’s a huge win for our SaberSim reviews. At the same time, that is dependent on the type of DFS player you are. Some only play one sports, or a couple main sports, or some of the smaller niche sports.

Does SaberSim Work with Fanduel & Draftkings?

SaberSim Fanduel & Draftkings

Yes. SaberSim MLB optimizer, SaberSim NHL optimizer, SaberSim NBA optimizer, SaberSim NFL optimizer.

How Much Does SaberSim Cost – Simple Terms?

SaberSim Pricing Reviews Fall 2021
Sabersim Reviews – Pricing as of Sept 2021

Here is where things get a little dicey. Sabersim is definitely not cheap. On the plus side, they do offer a 3 day free trial (but if we’re being honest, it’s just too short). Sabersim pricing has two main offers: a $40 and $70 package. As for September 7 2021, Sabersim has raise their prices. Instead of $40 and $70, the packages are now $50 and $90/month. The $40 $50 plan only allows you to create 20 lineups and does not let you export our projections. At $70 $90/month, you get to bump your lineups to 500 fantasy lineups, import custom projections and filter lineups.

Here’s the thing. The functionality at the $90 price package is really what you’re after. However, you are now nearly at $1,100 a year if you’re playing all DFS sports. Realistically, it’s closer to $2,000 a year if you include all their features. I wrote a deeper analysis of their features towards the end of this article. Our hope is that Sabersim gets the price point down to cater to all types of DFS players, especially those new to DFS. However, given their price hike, it seems this fantasy optimizer price will continue to rise.

What is SaberSim Entry Editor with Late Swap

The SaberSim function is something new, not many fantasy optimizers have this. Essentially, it goes like this. Let’s assume you 25 lineups spread across several tournaments, lets say these are NBA dfs lineups. Within those 25 NBA fantasy lineups, 15 of them have Lillard. Twenty minutes before game time, you find out that Lillard is ruled out. Now, if you’re using Fanduel or Draftkings, you are able to do a global player swap. The simple thing to do is swap out all lineups with Lillard with Westbrook. With SaberSim, this fantasy optimizer takes the capabilities a step forward.

With SaberSim Late Swap, SaberSim will see how much salary you have left by removing that player. Lets stay Lillards salary is 10k, you might have some lineups, that have 11k left. Instead of getting a player at the 9800 salary, it will swap out the best value closer to 11k.

This is an interesting feature as part of our SaberSim reviews. Many of happy with just getting a player swapped out before game time. Having multiple variations have it’s pros and cons, it essentially comes down to your dfs strategy under the approach. Sabersim does charge you an additional fee (on top of the $40 or $70 monthly plan). Most players will not have use for this feature, but for the advanced players that would like this level of control, it’s worth looking deeper into Sabersim.

Sabersim Sports Betting Upgrade

In addition to providing DFS software, our Sabersim review has come across a sports betting module introduced by Sabersim. At the time of this update, for an extra $69/mo (on top of the $69/mo you’re paying for Sabersim’s optimizer), you get access to their Sports Betting module. It’s no surprise that fantasy optimizer providers are going this route. After all, a Draftkings consumer is worth double the value in a state where fantasy and sports betting are legal. It just seems like software for sports betting is such a crowded space, it’s hard to determine if this is worth the value.

What is the Pricing for Sabersim for Everything?

One of my pet peeves with many of these dfs optimizers is their pricing structure. These fantasy optimizer, like Sabersim, charge you for every single feature. So let’s look at what the complete price for Sabersim really is

Sabersim Price Plan

  • $158/mo is the true price of a Sabersim monthly plan. Here is how you get to $158/month for a Sabersim membership plan
    • $89/mo – for your standard advanced plan +
    • $69 /mo – for their sport betting plan = $158/mo

You can see how this pricing can really add up for a DFS player. Perhaps they are just trying to cater to the advanced DFS player, but even so, quite pricey. Realistically, you’re right around $2,000 a year for DFS fantasy software!

You know, at the end of the day, finding the right fantasy optimizer comes down to two things: how you play daily fantasy and how easy is the software to use. The only way to really find this out, is to try the dfs optimizer yourself and see. Best of luck!

Ultimate DraftDime Reviews – Is It the Best?

DFS Optimizer: DraftDime Reviews

In this article, we will provide our DraftDime reviews. This DFS optimizer has been around since 2015.  DraftDime provides projections & analytics tools, designed for DFS players of Fanduel and Draftkings. Below, we’ll go into DraftDime’s fantasy optimizer, cost, and additional DraftDime reviews. These reviews will include: MLB DraftDime optimizer, NBA DraftDime optimizer & the NFL DraftDime optimizer. Similar to any fantasy optimizer review, you want to make sure that you need all the features at the price point charged by some of these optimizer companies. We will dig deeper below with our DraftDime reviews.

Fantasy Lineups Optimizer

DraftDime Background

DraftDime Reviews
DraftDime reviews

DraftDime creates their own projections, ultimately feeding into their dfs optimizer. When you’re out there looking for a fantasy optimizer, there are 3 main things to look for:

  • DFS Optimizer Usability & Features – Ultimately, is a dfs optimizer easy to use, modern, and has enough features to provide the results to start winning at dfs.  Given when the software was developed, it’s safe to say it’s not the most modern looking optimizer out there. Ease of use & features, I would put this right in the middle compared to the marketplace.
  • DFS Projections – DraftDime projections are used in their dfs optimizer. It’s hard to determine how it’s actually created, but it is included.
  • DFS Picks – Always a controversial topic to players. Some want to receive DFS picks, while others want to do the leg work themselves. DraftDime does not include dfs picks. For fantasy optimizers that use picks, the pro to this is that it saves you a ton of research time to narrow the pool of players. The downside, if the projections are off, your dfs lineups might not fare well. To offset that, you can use some of your lineups with picks and some without. By doing so, your risk exposure is spread out.

Does DraftDime Cover the 4 Major Sports?

No. DraftDime does not cover the NHL. DraftDime covers MLB, NFL, NBA.

Does DraftDime Work With DraftKings & Fanduel?

Yes. DraftDime MLB optimizer, DraftDime NFL optimizer, DraftDime NBA optimizer

How Much is the DraftDime Optimizer?

DraftDime Optimizer Price
DraftDimer Optimizer Pricing

The cost of DraftDime is $39.99/mo. While this seems to be the average price for a quality dfs optimizer, the fact that DraftDime does not include the NHL gives this price point a false positive. Adding to that, you are paying for each sport individually, which can really rack up your bill compared to the marketplace. You are essentially paying a bit more per sport that you would with other dfs optimizers in the marketplace. On the plus side, DraftDime does offer a 7 day free trial. Also to note that Draftdime’s pricing fluctuates depending on what point of the season the sport is in.

Ultimately, in order to find the right fantasy optimizer, it comes down to how you play daily fantasy sports & how easy is the dfs optimizer to use. The best way to really know this, is try several fantasy optimizers for yourself and see which fits you best.

Ultimate DFS Karma Reviews

DFS Optimizer: DFS Karma Reviews

In this article, we will provide our DFS Karma reviews. DFS Karma has been showing fantasy lineup insights & news since 2018. Their fantasy optimizer didn’t start until about 2019. According to their site, they price themselves on the fantasy analysis part. We will dive deeper into DFS Karma’s fantasy optimizer, pricing & additional DFS Karma reviews. These will include: MLB DFS Karma, NBA DFS Karma, NHL DFS Karma & NFL DFS Karma.

DFS Karma Background

DFS Karma Reviews
DFS Karma Reviews

DFS Karm is a content site, which is also part of BET Karma. By covering content & betting, DFS Karma covers a wide net when it comes to sports news & information. For those that have the time to consume hours of daily content, this is great. If you don’t have the time to spend this much time, you’ll want to try and find your groove on what’s relevant to you & your fantasy outlook.

How Much is the DFS Karma Optimizer?

This part gets a little tricky. Most fantasy optimizer are selling you access to their software, DFS projections, and some offer your dfs picks as well. In DFS Karma’s case, it isn’t as straight forward. Since they cover a ton of content, you are paying for access to premium content at the dfs optimizer. For instance, right now, you would be paying $80/month for an optimizer that does just 20 lineups. That is a very high price in compared to features of others in the marketplace. Granted, DFS Karma does come with a chat room. For some users, the banter serves as entertainment, while others think they will find the next best penny stock (oops, player) for their fantasy lineup.  If you’re wanting access to 150 lineups, you’re spending over $400!  

DFS Karma Optimizer Price
DFS Karma Pricing

Does DFS Karma Work with Fanduel & DraftKings?


Does DFS Karma Cover the 4 Major Sports?

Yes. DFS Karma MLB optimizer, DFS Karma NFL optimizer, DFS Karma NHL optimizer, DFS Karma NBA optimizer

Ultimate Advanced Sports Logic Reviews & Advice

DFS Optimizer: Advanced Sports Logic Reviews

In this article, I’ll provide our Advanced Sports Logic reviews. This dfs optimizer is on the older side, as it’s been around since at least 2010. The optimizer is very simplistic and gets its projections by blending between a couple other brand projections. As for the Advanced Sports Logic itself, it’s a content site that shows different types of new elements, which happens to also sell their optimizer product. It’s very similar to Rotogrinders in that regard. It’s also one of the cheapest fantasy optimizers in the marketplace. I’ll dig deeper into that below. Here are some details of our Advanced Sports Logic reviews, including MLB Advanced Sports Logic, NFL Advanced Sports Logic, NBA Advanced Sports Logic & NHL Advanced Sports Logic.

Advanced Sports Logic Background

Advanced Sports Logic Reviews
Advanced Sports Logic Reviews

Advanced Sports Logic has been around since 2010. Their content site and DFS lineup optimizer has evolved, but you can certainly tell it was not created in 2021 or beyond. I mean, Draftkings didn’t even start til 2012! As you can imagine, what worked in the DFS space back then has seriously evolved to present day. Generally speaking, there are 3 key components players are looking for in a DFS optimizer:

  • DFS Projections – There are several ways to do this. In Advanced Sports Logic’s case, they take the average projections of 3 sources (numberFire, Daily Fantasy Fuel, and Fantasy Six Pack). These are all free sources by the way. If we learned anything about free, you get what you pay for! Getting up to the minute, right before came time dfs projections is crucial in giving you an edge to your dfs field competition. Essentially, there’s nothing proprietary here as this is all projections available in the marketplace. However, at such a low price point, you can’t expect cutting edge dfs projections here!
  • DFS Optimizer Functionality – All DFS optimizers have two key area: how easy is it to use & the degree of functionality involved. From an ease of use standpoint, our Advanced Sports Logic review would have this fantasy optimizer quite easy to use. From a functionality standpoint however, it doesn’t have anywhere near the functionality that many of the newer robust DFS optimizers out there.
  • DFS Picks – Ah, the part that always causes a stir. Some optimizer companies believe they should just provide you the tools, not the actual DFS picks. Others, do both. In Advanced Sports Logic’s optimizer, they don’t provide DFS picks. It’s up to you to use their tools to determine who those players are.

Which DFS Sports Does Advanced Sports Logic Cover?

Advanced Sports Logic optimizer for DFS covers: NHL, NBA, NFL, MLB.

Does Advanced Sports Logic Work with Fanduel & Draftkings?

Yes. Advanced Sports Logic MLB optimizer, Advanced Sports Logic NBA optimizer, Advanced Sports Logic NFL optimizer & Advanced Sports Logic NHL optimizer.

How Much Does Advanced Sports Logic Cost?

Advanced Sports Logic Optimizer Cost
Advanced Sports Logic Pricing

I mentioned earlier that Advanced Sports Logic has one of the cheapest prices for optimizers in the marketplace. The cost of Advanced Sports Logic is $9.99/month. On one side, it’s so cheap that you might just want to try it. On the other side, you’ll be missing out on so much functionality, that it might be worth spending money on the more robust DFS optimizers out there. Our Advanced Sports Logic review believes that for $9.99, it’s a good deal. However, don’t expect to turn a Honda into a BMW.

Ultimate Daily Fantasy Nerd Reviews – Is It The Best?

DFS Optimizer: Daily Fantasy Nerd Reviews

In this article, we will provide our Daily Fantasy Nerd reviews. Daily Fantasy Nerds focuses on its dfs optimizer, also has an additional feature or two many fantasy optimizers do not have. This dfs optimizer has been around since 2016. Below , this Daily Fantasy Nerds review article will go into their features, pricing & insights. Including: NBA Daily Fantasy Nerd optimizer, MLB Daily Fantasy Nerd optimizer, NHL Daily Fantasy Nerd optimizer & NFL Daily Fantasy Nerd optimizer. When deciding on a fantasy optimizer, always ask yourself will you be using all the features that some of these high priced optimizer charge you? Also, always be sure to take our Daily Fantasy Nerd reviews & compare them to other dfs optimizers to see which is right for you.

Daily Fantasy Nerd Optimizer Background

Daily Fantasy Nerd Reviews
Daily Fantasy Nerd Reviews

With Daily Fantasy Nerd being around a while, it’s important to note the key aspects for any dfs optimizer. Lets take a look.

  • DFS Optimizer Functionality – How easy is it to use the fantasy optimizer? Is it data overload to generate lineups? Was the noise eliminated? All great questions and of course, is subjective. What we do know, those new to fantasy optimizer software hate seeing an abundance of noise in an optimizer. When looking at our Daily Fantasy Nerd reviews, they do a great job of laying out the elements. Issue in our opinion, is the amount of visual data is a lot. Suited more for an advanced user than someone new to average experience with a dfs optimizer. One neat feature is the bankroll feature, allowing you to bring in past tournaments to see how you fare. Not necessarily an optimizer feature, but a feature nonetheless.
  • DFS Projections – Daily Fantasy Nerd does have projections and they are updated throughout the day. We can not determine where the projection comes from, if it’s a feed or if it’s proprietary to them
  • DFS Picks – Always a controversial one. Basically, you have two sides. If your “against” dfs picks, it’s because you want an optimizer to provide you the tools, but you want to do the work / picks yourself. If you’re “for” dfs picks, you like getting a head start. You want some locks shown to you, to help save you time in the optimizer. Daily Fantasy Nerd does not provide dfs picks.

Daily Fantasy Nerd Price for Members

Daily Fantasy Nerd Pricing
Daily Fantasy Nerd Pricing

Presently, there are 3 Daily Fantasy Nerd price points. I’ll focus on the 2nd and 3rd one as the first one just doesn’t compare well.

  • $60/mo – This is the All Star package. Your fantasy lineup optimization is capped at 50 fantasy lineups. At $60, being capped at 50, is on the higher side in the marketplace.  You also get to upload projections, which is a feature not all optimizers have. For most players, this isn’t relevant. For some however, this is a much liked feature
  • $120/mo – This is the MVP package. Here, you do get 150 fantasy lineup optimization, plus projected correlation analysis. At $120/month, this is one of the most expensive packages out there. With such a high price point for this fantasy optimizer software, you need to ask yourself do you absolutely need the functionality that it provides. Always remember, just because software is $9.99 like Advanced Sports Logic or $120, it doesn’t mean one gives you an edge better than another. Look at what features you are truly after in a DFS optimizer, read multiple Daily Fantasy Nerd reviews and decide for yourself if you need that.

Does Daily Fantasy Nerd Cover the 4 Major DFS Sports?

Yes to: Daily Fantasy Nerd MLB optimizer, Daily Fantasy Nerd NFL optimizer, Daily Fantasy Nerd NHL optimizer & Daily Fantasy Nerd NBA optimizer.

Does Daily Fantasy Nerd Work With DraftKings & Fanduel

Yes, but not at the first price point. You’ll need to spend $60/mo minimum to do so, with the reality being at $120.

Daily Fantasy Nerd Review Conclusion

Within our Daily Fantasy Nerd review conclusion, it’s important you look inward first. What are you truly looking for an a DFS optimizer? The first thing I think of is winning, you want to start winning more at daily fantasy! Now, that doesn’t mean you need to spend $120 on software to get there. A DFS optimizer like Daily Fantasy Nerd is a tool to help you get there. If you don’t have the right insights and models to use within the tool, fantasy optimizer will only get you so far. Is a marginal increase in play worth $120/month? Some might say yes. Some, will say that I can get a marginal increase in my play for $19 a month! This is also not a negative slate against Daily Fantasy Nerd. Basically, you need to really know the software. Is Daily Fantasy Nerd easy to use for you? Do you get it instantly and know how to properly get the upside in players to create the optimal dfs lineup?


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