Ultimate Daily Fantasy Nerd Reviews – Is It The Best?

DFS Optimizer: Daily Fantasy Nerd Reviews

In this article, we will provide our Daily Fantasy Nerd reviews. Daily Fantasy Nerds focuses on its dfs optimizer, also has an additional feature or two many fantasy optimizers do not have. This dfs optimizer has been around since 2016. Below , this Daily Fantasy Nerds review article will go into their features, pricing & insights. Including: NBA Daily Fantasy Nerd optimizer, MLB Daily Fantasy Nerd optimizer, NHL Daily Fantasy Nerd optimizer & NFL Daily Fantasy Nerd optimizer. When deciding on a fantasy optimizer, always ask yourself will you be using all the features that some of these high priced optimizer charge you? Also, always be sure to take our Daily Fantasy Nerd reviews & compare them to other dfs optimizers to see which is right for you.

Daily Fantasy Nerd Optimizer Background

Daily Fantasy Nerd Reviews
Daily Fantasy Nerd Reviews

With Daily Fantasy Nerd being around a while, it’s important to note the key aspects for any dfs optimizer. Lets take a look.

  • DFS Optimizer Functionality – How easy is it to use the fantasy optimizer? Is it data overload to generate lineups? Was the noise eliminated? All great questions and of course, is subjective. What we do know, those new to fantasy optimizer software hate seeing an abundance of noise in an optimizer. When looking at our Daily Fantasy Nerd reviews, they do a great job of laying out the elements. Issue in our opinion, is the amount of visual data is a lot. Suited more for an advanced user than someone new to average experience with a dfs optimizer. One neat feature is the bankroll feature, allowing you to bring in past tournaments to see how you fare. Not necessarily an optimizer feature, but a feature nonetheless.
  • DFS Projections – Daily Fantasy Nerd does have projections and they are updated throughout the day. We can not determine where the projection comes from, if it’s a feed or if it’s proprietary to them
  • DFS Picks – Always a controversial one. Basically, you have two sides. If your “against” dfs picks, it’s because you want an optimizer to provide you the tools, but you want to do the work / picks yourself. If you’re “for” dfs picks, you like getting a head start. You want some locks shown to you, to help save you time in the optimizer. Daily Fantasy Nerd does not provide dfs picks.

Daily Fantasy Nerd Price for Members

Daily Fantasy Nerd Pricing
Daily Fantasy Nerd Pricing

Presently, there are 3 Daily Fantasy Nerd price points. I’ll focus on the 2nd and 3rd one as the first one just doesn’t compare well.

  • $60/mo – This is the All Star package. Your fantasy lineup optimization is capped at 50 fantasy lineups. At $60, being capped at 50, is on the higher side in the marketplace.  You also get to upload projections, which is a feature not all optimizers have. For most players, this isn’t relevant. For some however, this is a much liked feature
  • $120/mo – This is the MVP package. Here, you do get 150 fantasy lineup optimization, plus projected correlation analysis. At $120/month, this is one of the most expensive packages out there. With such a high price point for this fantasy optimizer software, you need to ask yourself do you absolutely need the functionality that it provides. Always remember, just because software is $9.99 like Advanced Sports Logic or $120, it doesn’t mean one gives you an edge better than another. Look at what features you are truly after in a DFS optimizer, read multiple Daily Fantasy Nerd reviews and decide for yourself if you need that.

Does Daily Fantasy Nerd Cover the 4 Major DFS Sports?

Yes to: Daily Fantasy Nerd MLB optimizer, Daily Fantasy Nerd NFL optimizer, Daily Fantasy Nerd NHL optimizer & Daily Fantasy Nerd NBA optimizer.

Does Daily Fantasy Nerd Work With DraftKings & Fanduel

Yes, but not at the first price point. You’ll need to spend $60/mo minimum to do so, with the reality being at $120.

Daily Fantasy Nerd Review Conclusion

Within our Daily Fantasy Nerd review conclusion, it’s important you look inward first. What are you truly looking for an a DFS optimizer? The first thing I think of is winning, you want to start winning more at daily fantasy! Now, that doesn’t mean you need to spend $120 on software to get there. A DFS optimizer like Daily Fantasy Nerd is a tool to help you get there. If you don’t have the right insights and models to use within the tool, fantasy optimizer will only get you so far. Is a marginal increase in play worth $120/month? Some might say yes. Some, will say that I can get a marginal increase in my play for $19 a month! This is also not a negative slate against Daily Fantasy Nerd. Basically, you need to really know the software. Is Daily Fantasy Nerd easy to use for you? Do you get it instantly and know how to properly get the upside in players to create the optimal dfs lineup?


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