Ultimate Draft Dashboard Reviews – Is It the Best?

DFS Optimizer – Draft Dashboard Reviews

In this article, I’ll provide our Draft Dashboard reviews. This DFS optimizer has been around since 2015. In the world of a DFS optimizer, that is historic! As you can imagine, we’ve seen our shares of all types of fantasy optimizers. As the years have passed in DFS, the needs of DFS players have evolved as well. With that being said, some fantasy optimizers have adapted to the times, while others have not. Below, we will go into deeper details of our Draft Dashboard reviews including: MLB Draft Dashboard optimizer, NHL Draft Dashboard optimizer, NFL Draft Dashboard optimizer, & NBA Draft Dashboard optimizer.

Draft Dashboard Background

Draft Dashboard reviews
Draft Dashboard Reviews

Draft Dashboard has been around since late 2015. At the time, when this dfs optimizer was built, it was certainly on the ball. They tried to make it easy on newbies by color coding players and creating their own unique ranking, allowing certain players to stick out more than others. Unlike other fantasy optimizers out there, one of our favorite parts in this Draft Dashboard review is this: Draft Dashboard gives all users a free 30 day trial.

That’s actually pretty amazing. At the time of this writing, some brands like Rotogrinders give out no free trial, SaberSim gives out a 3 day trial. The fact that Draft Dashboard has been giving out a free 30 day trial is a huge plus (actually I see that it’s actually $1 for the first 30 days, still pretty darn good).

Which Sports Does Draft Dashboard Cover?

Our Draft Dashboard review finds that this DFS optimizer focuses on 4 sports: MLB, NFL, NHL, NBA

Does Draft Dashboard Work with Fanduel & Draftkings?

Yes, the Draft Dashboard optimizer works with Fanduel & Draftkings. There’s a Draft Dashboard MLB optimizer, Draft Dashboard NHL optimizer, Draft Dashboard NBA optimizer & Draft Dashboard NFL optimizer.

Is Draft Dashboard Pretty Easy to Use?

This is where the Draft Dashboard review turns dicey. As we mentioned earlier, Draft Dashboard started in 2015. It doesn’t seem there was much done to the user interface to match the needs of DFS users present day.

Draft Dashboard optimizer reviews
Draft Dashboard Optimizer

Above is a screen shot of the Draft Dashboard optimizer. I count a total of 32 menu items! 12 menu items on the left, 14 blue buttons in the top/middle of the screen, another 5 in the top right, then a menu on the top right. As a newbie, that’s incredibly hard to navigate. On the plus though, you do have 30 free days to figure it all out! When it comes to Draft Dashboard reviews, you’ll want to make sure you do your research. The 30 day free trial is a huge bonus, just try not to lose too much money during the learning curve!

How Much Does Draft Dashboard Cost?

What we found in our Draft Dashboard review is the simplistic price points. After your free 30 day trial, the Draft Dashboard cost is $39.99 / month. The price is on the fair side, but it comes down to how comfortable you are using the software. You’ll need to watch several videos and email customer support a bunch of times to get a hang of it. The Draft Dashboard optimizer isn’t all on one screen, so you’ll have to do a ton of navigation. On the plus side, support is pretty quick to getting back to you.

Be Wary Of All the Positive Draft Dashboard Reviews

When it comes to fantasy optimizer review sites, many of them get paid to provide positive reviews. In return, if any of those reviews lead to sales, those site owners get paid by the optimizer organization. For instance, Draft Dashboard has what’s called an affiliate program. So imagine if you ranked on the first page of google for Draft Dashboard reviews. Now that reader decides from the glowing review to try Draft Dashboard. That owner, will get paid by Draft Dashboard. So really, how reliable is that Draft Dashboard review? Here are FantasyOptimizers.com, we are not paid by Draft Dashboard, allowing us to provide a neutral review.