Ultimate DraftDime Reviews – Is It the Best?

DFS Optimizer: DraftDime Reviews

In this article, we will provide our DraftDime reviews. This DFS optimizer has been around since 2015.  DraftDime provides projections & analytics tools, designed for DFS players of Fanduel and Draftkings. Below, we’ll go into DraftDime’s fantasy optimizer, cost, and additional DraftDime reviews. These reviews will include: MLB DraftDime optimizer, NBA DraftDime optimizer & the NFL DraftDime optimizer. Similar to any fantasy optimizer review, you want to make sure that you need all the features at the price point charged by some of these optimizer companies. We will dig deeper below with our DraftDime reviews.

Fantasy Lineups Optimizer

DraftDime Background

DraftDime Reviews
DraftDime reviews

DraftDime creates their own projections, ultimately feeding into their dfs optimizer. When you’re out there looking for a fantasy optimizer, there are 3 main things to look for:

  • DFS Optimizer Usability & Features – Ultimately, is a dfs optimizer easy to use, modern, and has enough features to provide the results to start winning at dfs.  Given when the software was developed, it’s safe to say it’s not the most modern looking optimizer out there. Ease of use & features, I would put this right in the middle compared to the marketplace.
  • DFS Projections – DraftDime projections are used in their dfs optimizer. It’s hard to determine how it’s actually created, but it is included.
  • DFS Picks – Always a controversial topic to players. Some want to receive DFS picks, while others want to do the leg work themselves. DraftDime does not include dfs picks. For fantasy optimizers that use picks, the pro to this is that it saves you a ton of research time to narrow the pool of players. The downside, if the projections are off, your dfs lineups might not fare well. To offset that, you can use some of your lineups with picks and some without. By doing so, your risk exposure is spread out.

Does DraftDime Cover the 4 Major Sports?

No. DraftDime does not cover the NHL. DraftDime covers MLB, NFL, NBA.

Does DraftDime Work With DraftKings & Fanduel?

Yes. DraftDime MLB optimizer, DraftDime NFL optimizer, DraftDime NBA optimizer

How Much is the DraftDime Optimizer?

DraftDime Optimizer Price
DraftDimer Optimizer Pricing

The cost of DraftDime is $39.99/mo. While this seems to be the average price for a quality dfs optimizer, the fact that DraftDime does not include the NHL gives this price point a false positive. Adding to that, you are paying for each sport individually, which can really rack up your bill compared to the marketplace. You are essentially paying a bit more per sport that you would with other dfs optimizers in the marketplace. On the plus side, DraftDime does offer a 7 day free trial. Also to note that Draftdime’s pricing fluctuates depending on what point of the season the sport is in.

Ultimately, in order to find the right fantasy optimizer, it comes down to how you play daily fantasy sports & how easy is the dfs optimizer to use. The best way to really know this, is try several fantasy optimizers for yourself and see which fits you best.