The Ultimate Fantasy Labs Reviews

DFS Optimizer: Fantasy Labs Reviews

In this article, we will provide our Fantasy Labs reviews. Fantasy Labs is part of the Action Network. The Action Network makes tools specifically for betting. Fantasy Labs, focuses on dfs software. Fantasy Labs started in 2015 which then became part of the Action Network in 2017. In this Fantasy Labs reviews, we will dive into optimizers for: NBA Fantasy Labs, NHL Fantasy Labs, MLB Fantasy Labs & NFL Fantasy Labs.

Fantasy Labs Reviews – Features

Fantasy Labs Reviews

Fantasy Labs takes a different approach with their fantasy optimizer. Fantasy Labs lets you control all the variables. Now on the surface, this is pretty powerful function. The problem is, that’s generally functionality that a hardcore DFS player needs. A newer DFS player, even an average DFS player, functionality like that involves a TON OF TIME. If you’re spending hours every day on DFS, then this is great. But if you’re not, Fantasy Labs can be overwhelming. You can upload your own projections, pair it with a model.

Fantasy Labs functionality is pretty neat for some, but it’s really for the advanced user.

How Much is Fantasy Labs?

Fantasy Labs Pricing
Fantasy Labs Pricing

Fantasy Labs has a couple different price points. I’ll focus on their monthly pricing:

  1. $40/month – This seems to be the average across many solid dfs optimizers. The issue here, Fantasy Labs is charging you $40/month for just one sport. In that respect, it’s certainly on the pricier side
  2. $60/month – This is really the package you’re after. This covers all major sports, and even includes golf, MMA, Nascar & eSports. If you are just playing the 4 main sports, it’s slightly higher than other optimizers. If you play all 8 sports they cover, it’s a pretty good deal

Is Fantasy Labs Easy to Use?

Fantasy Labs Optimizer
Fantasy Labs Optimizer

I will say that Fantasy Labs has managed to put a ton of columns in one view. Depending on the type of person you are, it can be information overload or the exact thing you’re looking for. It comes down to the type of dfs player you are. If you’re on the advanced side, and love digging into numbers yourself, then Fantasy Labs is worth a shot. If you’re more on the newer to average side, this could be overkill for you.

To recap:

Advanced User – You will love it
New / Average User – The columns & sliders will drive you nuts.

Does Fantasy Labs Cover the 4 Major DFS Sports?

Yes to: Fantasy Labs MLB optimizer Fantasy Labs NFL optimizer, Fantasy Labs NHL optimizer Fantasy Labs & NBA optimizer. There are some extras too: Fantasy Labs golf optimizer, Fantasy Labs MMA optimizer, Fantasy Labs NASCAR optimizer & Fantasy Labs eSports optimizer.

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