Ultimate RotoGrinders Reviews – Ignite Your DFS Lineup

Rotogrinders Reviews – DFS Optimizer

Our Rotogrinders reviews will go over multiple features of their DFS optimizer. This Rotogrinders dfs review will also compare it to other fantasy optimizers in the dfs optimizer market. Rotogrinders is the largest DFS player in the space, with advertisements in multiple fantasy channels. Rotogrinders offers an insane amount of content a well. We will dive into the cons of having some much content. Interesting note, the Rotogrinders dfs optimizer was built years ago. In our Rotogrinders reviews below, we will discuss their NBA Rotogrinders optimizer, NHL Rotogrinders optimizer, NFL Rotograinders optimizer & MLB Rotogrinders optimizer.

Rotogrinders Optimizer Features

I mentioned earlier that Rotogrinders has an insane amount of content. Some players, particularly the ultra advanced ones, love seeing hours upon hours of content. Thing is, it’s overkill for the majority of players on Draftkings & Fanduel. Unless you’re spending several hours every single day, the amount of noise in the content is insane. With the noise comes a huge distraction in creating the dfs lineups. It effects your strategy & subsequent execution of your dfs approach. This Rotogrinders review will go deeper into some of their features.

Rotogrinders DFS Reviews – Picks

Rotogrinders shows these as premium filters. This is essentially an add-on that allows you to turn on picks from Rotogrinders. So instead of having say 500 players to choose from , Rotogrinders filters brings the pool of players down to say 20-50 or so.

Rotogrinders Reviews - Picks
Rotogrinders Reviews – Picks

Picks, or Premium Filters from Rotogrinders, is one of our favorite features. We are huge fan of fantasy optimizers that save us tons of time while still giving us the upside. There are still tons of Rotogrinders features that will be advanced from some dfs players, but this one right here is a great one.

Does Rotogrinders Cover the 4 Major Sports?

Yes and a ton more. Their 4 key dfs optimizers are: Rotogrinders MLB optimizer, Rotogrinders NFL optimizer, Rotogrinders NBA optimizer and Rotogrinders NHL optimizer. At the time of this article, Rotogrinders covers 12 sports for Draftkings and 14 sports for Fanduel.

Rotogrinders Reviews – Is It Worth the Steep Price?

Rotogrinders is at the higher end of the spectrum when it comes to their fantasy optimizer pricing. You essentially have two options. You can pay for one sport at $39.99; however, you don’t get access to the full features of Rotogrinders. For instance, the premium expert filters (our favorite feature of Rotogrinders) isn’t available at this point!

At this point, this is where Rotogrinders gets you on price. You have to pay $99.99 /month to get access to this feature! You also get access to all sports at the $99.99 /mo price point. So to truly get the features you’re really after with Rotogrinders, you’ll have to pay the $99/mo fee. Again, definitely at the high end of the spectrum.

Rotogrinders DFS Reviews - Pricing
Rotogrinders DFS Reviews – Pricing

During our Rotogrinders reviews, we noticed that Rotogrinders offers a 5 day pass. A 5 day pass is $29.99 for the full premium package, or $19.99 for the non premium. Honestly at that rate, you might as well pay for the full month. You’ll need to get use to the Rotogrinders dfs optimizer, to see if it’s a fit.

Who Owns RotoGrinders?

Some players like using software and tools by smaller companies. Ones that are focused on just creating killer fantasy tools. The other end of the spectrum is Rotogrinders. Rotogrinders is part of a larger corporation called Better Collective. Better Collective is a public company with multiple gaming and gambling brands such as BettingExpert.com, VegasInsider.com and a slew of popular gaming properties in Europe. It’s always important to know who’s behind some of these organization as it can dictate the price (after all, public companies are about profit) & the monetization of your data.