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In this article, I’ll provide our SaberSim reviews. This DFS optimizer is on the newer side and stresses their tagline: “If you can’t spend all day on DFS, you need SaberSim.” We’ve seen fantasy lineup optimizers come and go over the past few years. As the needs of fantasy players continue to evolve, so have the fantasy software tools. Below we’ll dive deeper into our Saber Sim reviews, which includes: MLB SaberSim, NBA SaberSim, NHL SaberSim, NFL SaberSim.

SaberSim Background

SaberSim reviews

SaberSim uses a simulation model to power its projections, ultimately feeding it’s SaberSim optimizer. For anyone that uses a fantasy optimizer, there are essentially 3 key components various player look for:

  • DFS Projections – Regardless what anyone says, these figures are opinions powered by X. I could project that Bitcoin is hitting $250,000, only time will tell if I’m right or wrong. The same goes for projections.
  • DFS Optimizer Functionality – All DFS optimizers have a degree or usability (easy to use vs hard to use), functionality, and ability to deliver Y fantasy lineups
  • Solid DFS Picks – This at times is controversial to some players. Our Sabersim reviews finds zero DFS picks. Instead, SaberSim provides the software tools for you to determine your own DFS picks. When an optimizer provides dfs picks, they would have done some of the legwork for you. Essentially, showing you undervalued players with the largest upside. Allowing you create multiple fantasy lineups for your purposes.

Which DFS Sports Does SaberSim Cover?

SaberSim DFS optimizer

SaberSim covers a wide range of DFS. The SaberSim optimizer covers NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, Golf, NASCAR, MMA, eSports, and KBO. By having a wide coverage of sports, Sabersim caters to a very wide net of fantasy players.

As a result, that’s a huge win for our SaberSim reviews. At the same time, that is dependent on the type of DFS player you are. Some only play one sports, or a couple main sports, or some of the smaller niche sports.

Does SaberSim Work with Fanduel & Draftkings?

SaberSim Fanduel & Draftkings

Yes. SaberSim MLB optimizer, SaberSim NHL optimizer, SaberSim NBA optimizer, SaberSim NFL optimizer.

How Much Does SaberSim Cost – Simple Terms?

SaberSim Pricing Reviews Fall 2021
Sabersim Reviews – Pricing as of Sept 2021

Here is where things get a little dicey. Sabersim is definitely not cheap. On the plus side, they do offer a 3 day free trial (but if we’re being honest, it’s just too short). Sabersim pricing has two main offers: a $40 and $70 package. As for September 7 2021, Sabersim has raise their prices. Instead of $40 and $70, the packages are now $50 and $90/month. The $40 $50 plan only allows you to create 20 lineups and does not let you export our projections. At $70 $90/month, you get to bump your lineups to 500 fantasy lineups, import custom projections and filter lineups.

Here’s the thing. The functionality at the $90 price package is really what you’re after. However, you are now nearly at $1,100 a year if you’re playing all DFS sports. Realistically, it’s closer to $2,000 a year if you include all their features. I wrote a deeper analysis of their features towards the end of this article. Our hope is that Sabersim gets the price point down to cater to all types of DFS players, especially those new to DFS. However, given their price hike, it seems this fantasy optimizer price will continue to rise.

What is SaberSim Entry Editor with Late Swap

The SaberSim function is something new, not many fantasy optimizers have this. Essentially, it goes like this. Let’s assume you 25 lineups spread across several tournaments, lets say these are NBA dfs lineups. Within those 25 NBA fantasy lineups, 15 of them have Lillard. Twenty minutes before game time, you find out that Lillard is ruled out. Now, if you’re using Fanduel or Draftkings, you are able to do a global player swap. The simple thing to do is swap out all lineups with Lillard with Westbrook. With SaberSim, this fantasy optimizer takes the capabilities a step forward.

With SaberSim Late Swap, SaberSim will see how much salary you have left by removing that player. Lets stay Lillards salary is 10k, you might have some lineups, that have 11k left. Instead of getting a player at the 9800 salary, it will swap out the best value closer to 11k.

This is an interesting feature as part of our SaberSim reviews. Many of happy with just getting a player swapped out before game time. Having multiple variations have it’s pros and cons, it essentially comes down to your dfs strategy under the approach. Sabersim does charge you an additional fee (on top of the $40 or $70 monthly plan). Most players will not have use for this feature, but for the advanced players that would like this level of control, it’s worth looking deeper into Sabersim.

Sabersim Sports Betting Upgrade

In addition to providing DFS software, our Sabersim review has come across a sports betting module introduced by Sabersim. At the time of this update, for an extra $69/mo (on top of the $69/mo you’re paying for Sabersim’s optimizer), you get access to their Sports Betting module. It’s no surprise that fantasy optimizer providers are going this route. After all, a Draftkings consumer is worth double the value in a state where fantasy and sports betting are legal. It just seems like software for sports betting is such a crowded space, it’s hard to determine if this is worth the value.

What is the Pricing for Sabersim for Everything?

One of my pet peeves with many of these dfs optimizers is their pricing structure. These fantasy optimizer, like Sabersim, charge you for every single feature. So let’s look at what the complete price for Sabersim really is

Sabersim Price Plan

  • $158/mo is the true price of a Sabersim monthly plan. Here is how you get to $158/month for a Sabersim membership plan
    • $89/mo – for your standard advanced plan +
    • $69 /mo – for their sport betting plan = $158/mo

You can see how this pricing can really add up for a DFS player. Perhaps they are just trying to cater to the advanced DFS player, but even so, quite pricey. Realistically, you’re right around $2,000 a year for DFS fantasy software!

You know, at the end of the day, finding the right fantasy optimizer comes down to two things: how you play daily fantasy and how easy is the software to use. The only way to really find this out, is to try the dfs optimizer yourself and see. Best of luck!