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DFS Optimizer: Advanced Sports Logic Reviews

In this article, I’ll provide our Advanced Sports Logic reviews. This dfs optimizer is on the older side, as it’s been around since at least 2010. The optimizer is very simplistic and gets its projections by blending between a couple other brand projections. As for the Advanced Sports Logic itself, it’s a content site that shows different types of new elements, which happens to also sell their optimizer product. It’s very similar to Rotogrinders in that regard. It’s also one of the cheapest fantasy optimizers in the marketplace. I’ll dig deeper into that below. Here are some details of our Advanced Sports Logic reviews, including MLB Advanced Sports Logic, NFL Advanced Sports Logic, NBA Advanced Sports Logic & NHL Advanced Sports Logic.

Advanced Sports Logic Background

Advanced Sports Logic Reviews
Advanced Sports Logic Reviews

Advanced Sports Logic has been around since 2010. Their content site and DFS lineup optimizer has evolved, but you can certainly tell it was not created in 2021 or beyond. I mean, Draftkings didn’t even start til 2012! As you can imagine, what worked in the DFS space back then has seriously evolved to present day. Generally speaking, there are 3 key components players are looking for in a DFS optimizer:

  • DFS Projections – There are several ways to do this. In Advanced Sports Logic’s case, they take the average projections of 3 sources (numberFire, Daily Fantasy Fuel, and Fantasy Six Pack). These are all free sources by the way. If we learned anything about free, you get what you pay for! Getting up to the minute, right before came time dfs projections is crucial in giving you an edge to your dfs field competition. Essentially, there’s nothing proprietary here as this is all projections available in the marketplace. However, at such a low price point, you can’t expect cutting edge dfs projections here!
  • DFS Optimizer Functionality – All DFS optimizers have two key area: how easy is it to use & the degree of functionality involved. From an ease of use standpoint, our Advanced Sports Logic review would have this fantasy optimizer quite easy to use. From a functionality standpoint however, it doesn’t have anywhere near the functionality that many of the newer robust DFS optimizers out there.
  • DFS Picks – Ah, the part that always causes a stir. Some optimizer companies believe they should just provide you the tools, not the actual DFS picks. Others, do both. In Advanced Sports Logic’s optimizer, they don’t provide DFS picks. It’s up to you to use their tools to determine who those players are.

Which DFS Sports Does Advanced Sports Logic Cover?

Advanced Sports Logic optimizer for DFS covers: NHL, NBA, NFL, MLB.

Does Advanced Sports Logic Work with Fanduel & Draftkings?

Yes. Advanced Sports Logic MLB optimizer, Advanced Sports Logic NBA optimizer, Advanced Sports Logic NFL optimizer & Advanced Sports Logic NHL optimizer.

How Much Does Advanced Sports Logic Cost?

Advanced Sports Logic Optimizer Cost
Advanced Sports Logic Pricing

I mentioned earlier that Advanced Sports Logic has one of the cheapest prices for optimizers in the marketplace. The cost of Advanced Sports Logic is $9.99/month. On one side, it’s so cheap that you might just want to try it. On the other side, you’ll be missing out on so much functionality, that it might be worth spending money on the more robust DFS optimizers out there. Our Advanced Sports Logic review believes that for $9.99, it’s a good deal. However, don’t expect to turn a Honda into a BMW.

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