Ultimate DFS Army Reviews – Is It the Best?

DFS Optimizer: DFS Army Reviews

In this article, I’ll provide our DFS Army reviews. You’ll see DFS Army advertised on several outlets, includes Sirius XM. On one side, this should give DFS Army some credibility. Then on the flip side, you’ll see Reddit articles like this calling DFS Army a scam. So what’s going on here? Is paid advertising overshadowing feedback from members? DFS Army also has an affiliate program, which incentives user to promote DFS Army. As a result, you’ll see all these positive reviews on the first page of Google. The part that you’re not told is how there’s incentives all around to be positive. If you notice, there’s no such incentive on Reddit. The result is a title of a DFS Army scam.

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Is it a case where a small percentage of DFS Army users are actually making money with DFS, leaving the rest truly angry? Below we’ll dive deeper into our DFS Army reviews, which includes: MLB DFS Army, NBA DFS Army, NHL DFS Army, NFL DFS Army.

DFS Army Reviews – Background

DFS Army Reviews

DFS Army prides itself by having two main elements – DFS optimizer & Chat. The chat feature believe it or not can be quite comical. I mean, some guys spend hours upon hours a day on the chat. Power to you if you have the time to waste in this capacity – I guess it beats Facebook nowadays anyways! From the dfs optimizer side, it does a pretty good job of giving you multiple data points. The issue however, at least for our DFS Army review, it can be quite overwhelming to use for the non-advanced dfs player.

  • DFS Strategy – DFS Army tries to educate you surrounding all the types of strategies out there for DFS. For the advanced player, this can be amazing. For the new to intermediate level player, the amount of information can be incredibly overwhelming. DFS Army calls this the research station.
  • DFS Army Chat – DFS Army has a Discord channel. This allows you to engage in their chat feature. There’s a ton of gibberish and garbage written by its members, but you do find some nuggets of information. If you’re able to spend the several hours a day to sift through the information, it can be quite informative (just have to weed out the junk along the way).

Which DFS Sports Does DFS Army Cover?

DFS Army covers a wide range of fantasy sports with their software offering. The SaberSim optimizer covers NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, PGA, NASCAR, MMA, eSports, Soccer & Tennis. Whether you’re interested in one or multiple fantasy sports, DFS Army has you covered.

As a result, that’s a pretty significant win with our DFS Army reviews. On the flip side, it’s important you determine which sports are for you. For instance, if you just play NFL DFS, that extra fee for all the other sports makes it quite pricy.

Does DFS Army Work with Fanduel & Draftkings?

Yes. DFS Army MLB optimizer, DFS Army NHL optimizer, DFS Army NBA optimizer & DFS Army NFL optimizer.

How Much Does DFS Army Cost?

DFS Army Reviews – Pricing

DFS Army is quite popular in the DFS community. After all, when you have an advertising budget like they have, how can you not. You’ll see or hear DFS Army advertised on XM Radio and some tv commercials as well. Thing is, DFS is not cheap. DFS Army is one of the highest price fantasy optimizers in the marketplace. DFS Army charges $70/mo to use their software.

Ultimately, using the right fantasy optimizer comes down to how your play DFS and how easy the software is to use. Trying it out for yourself is truly the best way to know. Good luck!

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